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Pulse 2.1.11: Get More From Your Build Agents

The latest Pulse 2.1 beta build, 2.1.11, has just been freshly baked. This build includes several new features and improvements. Prominent among them is a new “statistics” tab for agents. This tab lists various figures such as the number of recipes the agent executes each day and how long the average recipe keeps the agent busy. Statistics are also shown for agent utilisation, including a pie chart that makes it easy to visualise:

agent utilisation chart

This allows you to see if you are getting the most out of your agent machines. If you do notice a machine is underutilised, another new feature could help identify the cause: compatibility information for projects and agents. Pulse matches builds to agents by considering if the resources required for the project are all available on the agent. Now when you configure requirements, Pulse shows you which agents those requirements are compatible with. On the flip side, when configuring an agent’s available resources, Pulse shows you which projects those resources satisfy.

Other highlights in this build:

  • Optional compression of large build logs (on by default).
  • Visual indicators of which users are logged in, and last access times for all users.
  • Support for Subversion 1.6 working copies for personal builds.
  • Actions can now be performed on all descendants of a project or agent template (e.g. disable all agents with one click).
  • New options to terminate a build early if a critical stage or number of stages have already failed.
  • The system/agent info tabs now show the Pulse process environment (visible to administrators only).
  • Use of bare git repositories on the Pulse master to save disk space.

Yes, we have been busy :). Get over to our website and download the beta now — it’s free to try, and a free upgrade for customers with current support contracts!

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