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Archive for February, 2010

Article: Testing Is … A Developer’s Perspective

I’ve been planning for some time to package up a couple of my earlier series’ of blog posts into a more digestible form. Finally, I’ve taken the time to combine, edit and publish the Testing Is … series as a single article:

Arguments in favour of automated software testing are too often presented in a patronising fashion. Developers that don’t write their own tests are labelled as “unprofessional” and the code they write as “worthless”. These arguments conflate two very different groups of developers: those who don’t care enough to test, and those that care deeply but are unconvinced of the benefits of testing. The former group aren’t worth convincing, and the latter can’t be expected to be swayed by an argument that insults them in this fashion.

Read the full article on zutubi.com.

Pulse 2.1.16: Beta Tag Removed

The latest Pulse 2.1 build, 2.1.16, has just been finished. This build is significant in that it is the first non beta release of the 2.1.x series. This is particularly important for all those people that have been patiently watching the progress of all the new features in the beta, but unable to take the risk associated with running beta software.

For those that have not been keeping up to date on the new features and improvements in the 2.1.x series, you can check out what’s new.

To briefly summarise the main updates:

  • Project dependencies
  • Multi-command projects via the UI
  • Numerous personal build improvements
  • Improved .NET tool support
  • Agent utilisation statistics
  • Build result comments
  • Finer grained build cleanup
  • Built in reference documentation
  • Pluggable commands
  • Admin UI improvements

And much more.

Yes, we have been busy :). Get over to our website and download the it now — it’s free to try, and a free upgrade for customers with current support contracts!