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Zero To Continuous Integration in Three Minutes

A large part of our focus with Pulse revolves around saving time. We started Pulse with the belief that it shouldn’t be so hard to set up a continuous integration server, nor should it take so much effort to maintain. With that in mind, I’ve highlighted the main ways we achieve simplicity and maintainability in Pulse in two new demo videos:

  • Getting Started With Pulse: in which I start from scratch, installing Pulse, adding a new project and running a first build in under three minutes. By watching the video, you’ll see that it is unabridged, and I did nothing but follow the simple steps laid out in front of me.
  • Templated Configuration: in which I demonstrate how Pulse’s unique templated configuration system saves you time configuring and (especially) maintaining your continuous integration server. Templates make CI DRY.

We focus on saving time simply because it adds a lot of value to Pulse. Our customers tell us that simplicity, maintainability and dedicated support are the main reasons they chose Pulse to manage their builds. Give it a go yourself: you can get started in no time ;).

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