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Archive for August, 2010

Pulse Continuous Integration Server 2.2!

Big news today: Pulse 2.2 has graduated to stable! This release includes a stack of new features and improvements, including:

  • Build UI overhaul: all tabs improved and restyled.
  • New logs tab: making it easier to access stage logs.
  • Featured artifacts: choose which artifacts should appear prominently.
  • Build navigator: easily move forward and backward through history.
  • Working copy browser: view working copies for in progress builds.
  • Move refactoring: move projects and agents in the template hierarchy.
  • Template navigation: navigate directly up and down a hierarchy.
  • Subscription by label: subscribe to notifications by project groups.
  • Agent executing stages: see what all agents are building at a glance.
  • Subversion exports: for faster and smaller builds.
  • Performance improvements: key for larger installations.

See the new in 2.2 page for full details.

In conjunction with this release, we’ve also given our website a complete overhaul. The new site has a fresher look, and communicates the key features of Pulse more directly. The updates also include some new features:

  • RSS feeds for news items.
  • Links to our latest blog posts on the front page.
  • An improved buying process, allowing multiple licenses to be purchased in one transaction.
  • Self-service renewal payments – just enter your current license key and go!
  • A more user-friendly downloads page.

We hope you enjoy the new release, and the new site. And please, let us know what you think!