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Archive for September, 2010

Android JUnit XML Reports: Now With Test Durations

I’ve been planning to add test case durations to the XML reports generated by android-junit-report for some time. This morning, however, the magic of open source caught up with me. I received a pull request from another GitHub user who had implemented durations already!

So, with thanks to Tim from todoroo, there is a new release of android-junit-report which outputs the duration (in seconds) for each test case. This matches the output produced by the regular Ant JUnit report task, and thus should be compatible with all tools that read the format. Durations are not added to test suites, for the same reason the test case counts are not: it would require buffering. For my own use this is no big deal, because Pulse will sum the times of all cases to give an idea of the total suite time when it is not provided directly.

You can grab this new version of (1.1, build 4) from the GitHub downloads page. Or, as always, you can access the latest release build directly from the build server (click on “jar” in the “featured artifacts” table on the right of the page).