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Archive for July, 2011

Pulse 2.4 Release Candidate

After a few iterations of Pulse 2.4 beta builds, we’ve finally reached a stable enough state to declare our first release candidate. Since the original 2.4 beta post, we haven’t just been squishing bugs, but have come up with several more improvements:

  • New agent history tab: quickly browse all builds that involved an agent.
  • Pause server: admins can pause the build queue, so all triggers are ignored.
  • Improved changelist views: these views have been reworked in the new style.
  • Pinned builds: mark builds that should never be deleted or cleaned.
  • Subversion changelist support: easily submit a changelist as a personal build.
  • Faster browse view: most of these optimisations also appear in Pulse 2.3.
  • Improved process termination: to make terminating builds more reliable.

We know from feedback that these changes will be popular! Check them out yourself: release candidate builds are available from the Beta Program page.