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Archive for October, 2011

Pulse Sample and Community Plugins

Since version 2.0, Pulse has supported plugins to extend integration with external tools. Whenever customers have asked for help with plugin implementation, we’ve always provided samples as the easiest starting point. Seeing a complete plugin project, with build and packaging support, is the easiest way to get a new plugin up and running.

Based on this we’ve decided to start maintaining a repository of open source Pulse plugins. These will act both as samples and in some cases as early versions of plugins that may migrate into the core Pulse distribution. The sample plugins are hosted in a Mercurial repository which has an hgweb interface:


So far we have provided a sample JUnit test post-processor (simplified from the version shipped with Pulse), and the beginnings of a Subversion SCM plugin (wrapping the svn command line). Provided you have Mercurial installed, you can easily clone the samples over HTTP, e.g.:

$ hg clone http://hg.zutubi.com/com.zutubi.pulse.core.postprocessors.junits

The samples have README files to get you started.

You may notice there is a third sample: a plugin that provides basic SCM integration with Bazaar by wrapping the bzr command-line. I’m happy to report that this sample was generously donated by a member of the community, Michiel van Slobbe. Michiel is the first to try to get Pulse and Bazaar working together and we appreciate the effort! Hopefully it will provide inspiration for other community members.

Although we are happy to provide hosting for such community plugins, you may also choose your own path. Another member of the community, Orvid, is using Pulse for C#/Mono projects. Orvid has taken the initiative of writing a command plugin to integrate XBuild, the Mono equivalent of Microsoft’s MSBuild, with Pulse. You can find the XBuild plugin on GitHub:


You might also notice that Orvid has been working on a .Net wrapper for the Pulse remote API:


These efforts are a great contribution that we are most thankful for!