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Brain 2.0 Feature Request: Turn Auto-correct Off

Brain 1.0 has a fantastic feature: auto-correction of common spelling and grammar mistakes. This feature makes it easier to process unreliable input by skipping over repeated words, ignoring trivial typos, and generally smoothing out kinks. It also reduces the effort required to process typical input via prediction, meaning I don’t have to waste time actually reading all of the input. This feature is, no doubt, a great time saver.

However, there are times when auto-correct actually gets in my way. A prime example is proof-reading. In this case I am particularly interested in those small mistakes that Brain is auto-correcting for me. Annoyingly, there does not seem to be an easy way to turn auto-correct off. This is surely an oversight in Brain’s design that should be fixed in a future version. Perhaps this option will be added to Brain 2.0, if there is room in the roadmap alongside social networking.

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